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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I Am Busy Bear!

I can bearly believe I am 50 years old! I sure don’t feel that old. Sure, my fur is thinning and I have a few loose stitches, but I’m still as soft and cuddly as the day I was stuffed. Oh yeah, and my tongue was ripped out early on, but I learned to compensate for that by becoming a really good listener.

Thankfully, I still have my wit, charm, sense of humor, and both of my glass eyes. I am a deep thinker, easily distracted, and tend to waffle when making decisions...which is probably why I am always so gosh darn busy all the time! But all 'n all, for a bear my age, I think I’m still pretty well put together.

My cuddler (owner) and I are very fact, we’ve never been apart! Oh the stories I could, and intend to tell! We share so many happy well as some bad ones. For instance, “The Clothes-Line Incident”...when my cuddler toddled home from kindergarten one day only to be greeted by a freshly washed, soaking wet and unstuffed ME hanging by my ears from clothespins on the clothesline! She thought I was dead! After witnessing such a horrific sight, she pretty much fell apart at the seams too.

And then, there was the Christmas when my cuddler’s parents gave her a “brand new” teddy bear. Hey, I welcomed the idea having of another bear around to keep me company...but little did we know this was not just a new bear, but a “replacement bear.”

Upon hearing that her parents intended to put me in a plastic bag and store me in the attic for "safe-keeping" cuddler threw “Replacement Bear” across the room and ran straight into her bedroom where she grabbed me, stuffed me into a pillow case, told me to “be very quiet” and hid me in her closet. Then she cried her little heart out until her parents agreed to get rid of the evil “Replacement Bear!” Of course, we now understand that her parents meant well, but at the was very traumatic.

So as you can tell, I have led a very busy and eventful life...and I am looking forward to sharing more of my stories and memories with you, and to hearing from you about yours! You can email me at

Gotta go now....because I am a very Busy Bear!